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New WHO Guidelines Highlight the Importance of Nutrition

The World Health Organization recently published Integrated Care for Older People (ICOPE): Guidelines on Community-Level Interventions to Manage Declines in Intrinsic Capacity. These were developed as evidence-based recommendations for healthcare professionals to “help prevent, slow or reverse declines in the physical and mental capacities of older people.” Included in the guidelines is a recommendation for addressing malnutrition: Oral supplemental nutrition with dietary advice should be recommended for older people affected by undernutrition. Here is a summary of the recommendations. Details can be found on pages 9–11 of the guidelines


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Eating Disorder Services


The HSE has launched a new model of care for the treatment of eating disorders in Ireland. This is a blueprint for how services for patients with eating disorders will be developed and continuously improved nationally. The aim is to improve quality and safety, access to services for all ages and provide value for money in how these services are delivered.  The HSE’s partners in developing this model were Bodywhys and the College of Psychiatrists of Ireland. A four-year implementation plan has been approved to allow for phased recruitment and training.

Eating Disorders are a group of recognised mental health disorders that include Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa. They are caused by a combination of genetic and psychosocial factors and affect up to 5% of the population. This number has been growing internationally, particularly in adolescents and in males. Anorexia Nervosa has the highest mortality rate of all psychiatric conditions, but all eating disorders are associated with high levels of both mental and physical complications such as heart and endocrine problems.


AADE in Practice

AADE in Practice, an official publication of the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE), is a bi-monthly, peer-reviewed practice journal that combines the heart, art and science of diabetes self-management education. Intended to inspire, inform and empower AADE members and diabetes educators in the field, AADE in Practice (AIP) publishes practical tools and strategies that directly apply current research and best practices.

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Final report from the first Optimal Nutritional Care for All Conference
“A World with Optimal Nutritional Care for All”

On the 4-5th November 2014 representatives from eight countries in Europe joined the European Nutrition for Health Alliance (ENHA) and its partners to discuss how to ensure ‘Optimal Nutritional Care for All’ in healthcare systems across Europe. The conference focused on shared learning, developing new ideas and milestones for achievement in developing National Nutritional Care Plans.

This report presents an overview of the conference, outlines the conference’s ambition and the commitment signed by all attendees to meet the challenge of undernutrition.


JAMA Article
The Neglect of Nutrition in Medical Education
(June 2014)

Interesting article in the Journal of the American Medical Association by Nathaniel P Morris on the neglect of nutrition education over the last few decades.


Clinical Nutrition
Prevalence and determinants for malnutrition in geriatric outpatients
(November 2013)


Clinical Nutrition
Use of nutritional complete supplements in older adults with dementia: Systematic review and meta-analysis of clinical outcomes
(November 2013)


National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE)
Nutrition Support in Adults – Evidence Update Aug 2013
(August 2013)

A summary of selected new evidence relevant to NICE clinical guideline 32 ‘Nutrition support in adults: oral nutrition support, enteral tube feeding and parenteral nutrition’ (2006) – Evidence Update 46


Canadian Clinical Practice Guidelines for Nutrition Support in Mechanically Ventilated Critically Ill Adult Patients
(September/October 2003)


Guidelines For The Management of Enteral Tube Feeding In Adults
(April 2004)


Risk Assessment Of Patient’s Susceptibility To Infection


A Model For Managing Enteral Tube Feeding
(April 2004)


Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland
The Neglect of Nutrition in Medical Education
(September 2010)

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