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The following Professional Resources are produced by IrSPEN and are available to download free of charge.

IrSPEN Special Report No1

IrSPEN Special Report No 1:
A Review of Home Parenteral Nutrition in Ireland

A Review of HPN in Ireland has just been published by IrSPEN. Our first report is on the status of home parenteral nutrition services for people in Ireland and it is the first time a review of this sort has been conducted.

The 20 recommendations in this report indicate ways in which the service for HPN in Ireland can be improved, addressing all areas of care from standards, guidelines, access to care, training, planning, audit and clinical governance.

IrSPEN Guideline Document No1

IrSPEN Guideline Document No 1:
Prevention and Treatment of Refeeding Syndrome

IrSPEN have just published their first Guideline Document entitled the Prevention and Treatment of Refeeding Syndrome in the Acute Care Setting.

This guideline is systematically organized and includes clearly presented sections on risk identification, prevention and management. It also provides a helpful audit tool and calls for an integrated approach to management across the important disciplines involved. There is also a useful guideline on electrolyte replacement. The authors, Dr Karen Boland, Damodar Solanki, and Carmel O’Hanlon deserve great credit in undertaking the production of these guidelines on behalf of IrSPEN.

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