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Healthcare cost-reduction & improved quality of life with evidence-based weight-loss in diabetes & steoarthritis

  University College Dublin Conway Institute of Bio-molecular and Biomedical Research Tuesday 16th April 2019 11:00 – 13:00 DOWNLOAD FULL PROGRAMME HERE


Food for life: Nutrition as a key treatment for cancer patients

‘I’ve been poked and prodded but no one has seen me about my diet,’ one cancer patient tells Feelgood. Another, a multiple myeloma patient who lost 12kg, said patients should,


Majority of cancer patients in Ireland don’t see a dietitian as part of treatment

Three out of five cancer patients don’t see a dietitian as part of their treatment, yet the affects of malnutrition is a contributing factor in the death in two out


Healthy Eating for Cancer Survivors Cookbook

UCC in collaboration with Breakthrough Cancer Research are delighted to launch their latest free cookbook for cancer patients ‘Healthy Eating for Cancer Survivors’. The book is a similar size to


Calls for more dietitians to support cancer patients

New research has identified a major gap in nutritional support for cancer patients, with more than a third reporting unintentional weight loss, which can lead to poorer outcomes. The survey


One in three cancer patients losing weight gets no nutritional advice

One in three cancer patients with weight loss are never seen by a dietitian or provided with nutritional advice, according to a new study. Almost one in two cancer patients